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AGM and LONDON Meeting Saturday June 5th 2021

At Westminster Meeting

We are pleased to introduce speakers for the day.

  • Kathryn Rix from the History of Parliament Project
  • Ben Beck on his great-grandfather Robert Spence Watson
  • Mark Frankel on T. Edmund Harvey (1875-1955), MP and social reformer.

This meeting is the re-scheduled  meeting from 6th June 2020 which was cancelled due to COVID-19

Draft Programme


Arrival Tea/Coffee



11:00 Kathryn Rix ‘Petitioners, pioneering women and parliamentarians: Quakers and the House of Commons in the nineteenth century’
12:00 Ben Beck ‘ Robert Spence Watson, never an MP, but…’
13:00   lunch
13:45   AGM
14:15 Mark Frankel T. Edmund Harvey (1875-1955), MP and social reformer’
13:15   Talks Finish


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