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Apparent Errors

See Apparent errors found by Ben Beck

EntryApparent error and/or new informationEvidence
Edward Abbattchildren with Jane Baxter were 2 sons & 1 daughterBootham School Register
Thomas Aireymother's maiden name was (presumably) RobinsonMilligan, sv John Shipley (1754-1808)
Thomas Aireydeath year of Thomas Pearson was definitely 1771Foster: Descendants of John Backhouse
Henry Albrightdeath year of Thomas Albright was 1844Milligan, sv Thomas Albright
had 11, not 10, children, but survival rate not knownFoster: Descendants of John Backhouse
Thomas Albright (1782-1848)death year was 1844Milligan's own article
Thomas Albright (1782-1848)date of death was 20 Mar 1844 - date Milligan gives is that of his wifeFoster: Descendants of John Backhouse, and Annual Monitor for wife
Henry Alexander (1789-1838)married Emma Howard, d. Thomas & Elizabeth Howard of London, in 1823; 1 daughter, 1 sonEssex Marriage & Birth Digests
John Biddle Alexanderplace of birth was St Peter, Ipswich, not Needham MarketSuffolk Births Digest
Samuel Alexander IImarriage year was 1772Norfolk Marriage Digest
Samuel Alexander (b. 1809)doesn't mention 2nd marriage to Alice TaylorAnnual Monitor
Gilbert Stafford AllenChristina Cox birth year 1847Smith: Annals of Smith of Cantley
Stafford Allen2nd wife Emma's birth year was 1827, not 1814Milligan, sv Robert Meatyard
Herbert Victor Allendeath year of Henry John Allen was 1918Annual Monitor
George AndrewsFrances Holmes (born Elbeck)Milligan sv Thomas Holmes
Henry AppletonMary Pegler's birth year was 1845, not 1843Milligan sv Leonard Hayward Pegler, Annual Monitor
Robert Arthington (1779-1864)death year of Grace (Firth) Jowitt was 1846 not 1856Annual Monitor
Edward Ashdeath year for William Fry was 1868, not 1835Milligan sv William Fry (1768-1858)
Arthur Ashbydeath year of John Marriage was 1880 not 1860Annual Monitor
Edward AshbyMary Anne married in 1859, not 1869Milligan, sv William Richardson (1836-1921); better fit with children's birth dates
James Ashbydeath date 10 Dec 1883Annual Monitor
Thomas Ashby (1733-1813)description of Thomas May includes later occupation not alluded to sv Thomas May (1749/50-1820)
Alfred Backhousebirth year of Elizabeth Gurney was 1790, not 1750Norfolk Births & Marriages Digests
Edward Backhouse (1781-1860)death year of Edward Mounsey was 1904probate registry
Thomas Backhouse (1792-1845)death year of William Stickney should be 1848Annual Monitor, Oxford DNB
Thomas James Backhousebirth year of William Richardson was 1771RG 6/1245
William Backhouse (1807-1869)'Toothill Grange' should be 'Toothill Grove'Milligan sv Joseph Fryer
William Bayldon Barberlife dates for Gladys Mary Jacob are given as duplicates of her father's
David Barclay (1728-1809)death year of Richard Gurney was 1811Norfolk burials digest
Robert Barclay (1833-1876)death year of Francis Fry was 1886qv
James Barringerreference to marriage of his sister Catherine is contradicted in Milligan sv Robert Moline Giles
Frederic Barritt/George Barrittconflicting spellings of Ella/Emma Phillips
George Barrowgrandmother-in-law's surname substituted for mother-in-law's (Susanna Horne) Milligan, sv. Grover Kemp
John Baynesb. 13 June 1784, Bridewell, LondonFoster: Pedigree of the Forsters and Fosters of the North of England
John Baynesmother née Priscilla Burdon (1747-1826), d. of John Burdon (1704-1773), tobacconist of SouthwarkFoster: Pedigree . . .
Henry Beakbanemarried 1835, not 1845Foster: Descendants of John Backhouse
Abraham Beaumontlife dates for Mary Wilson should be 1755-1836Penney: Pen Pictures
John Beaumonthad daughter Mary (1814)Annual Monitor for Mary's death
William Beaumontref. to John Watson should be to Joseph Watson, same datessee Ben Beck's website [Joseph Watson my great-great-grandfather]
Edward Beckhad 6 sons, 1 of whom died in childhood, and 5 daughters, 1 of whom died in childhoodWilliam Beck: Family Fragments
Richard Low Beckdeath year of John Lister was 1836Annual Monitor, Penney: Pen Pictures, Milligan
John Thomas Bellowsdeath year of Hannah Bellows was 1874Annual Monitor, Oxford DNB
George Benington (1796-1850)year of 2nd marriage was 1840Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray, Pedigrees of Beakbane
George Benington (1836-1916)Sarah Binns assigned as mother of wrong wifeFoster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray, Foster: Pedigrees of Lancashire Families, census
George Mair Beningtonmother's surname RobinsonBootham School Register
George Benson (1732-1801)death years of parents reversedFoster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray, Foster: Pedigrees of Lancashire Families
William Benson (1777-1835)son William was still eldest after 1831sources for marriages of 2 younger sons
Samuel Bevingtonbirth year for Rachel Portsmouth conflicts with that given sv Joseph Fry 1728-1787
Daniel Binnsmother Ann Robinson was born in 1747RG 6/1616A, Digest of Births - Lancashire
George Binns (1781-1836)Rachel Watson's maiden name was Graingerdigest of marriages, Durham
George Binns (1781-1836)4 daughters & seven sons survived beyond teenscensuses & marriages
George Binns (1781-1836)Eliza b. 1805RG 6/628, digest of births, Durham
George Binns [1809-1879]wife Rachel ____'s death year impossiblecan't be earlier than 10 Mar 1837 - census for daughter Mary Emma
George Binns [1809-1879]4 daughters, 2 of whom died in infancycensuses
Thomas Binnsthree daughtersAnnual Monitor, census
Edwin Birchallno entry for William Aldam, despite q.v.
Thomas Birchallmother-in-law was Elizabeth BowlingSidcot School Register
John Birkbeck IIdaughter Hannah's marriage year was 1810Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray
William Birkbeck IVmother-in-law Alice Foster's birth year was 1713Foster: Pedigree of the Forsters and Fosters
Edward Willmott Bishopparents' family had 4 sons and 1 daughterSidcot School Register
John Mullett Bishopparents' family had 4 sons and 1 daughterSidcot School Register
George Joshua Blakey3 sons & 3 daughterslisted in Bootham School register
Joshua Blakeyfather's death year was 1845Annual Monitor
John Winter Bobbett (1814-1898)14 childrenSidcot School Register, Milligan
John Winter Bobbett (1846-19322 sons & a daughterSidcot School Register
Samuel Bowly (1802-1884)10 childrenAtkinson: Families of Atkinson
John Edward Bowmanfather's dates appear to be mother's, duplicated; John Bayliff Bowman was 1837-1911Annual Monitor
John Bowron (1805-1841)wife's birth year was 1805PRO RG 6/628, Digest of Births - Durham, Annual Monitor
John Bowron (1769-1851), Joseph Bowron and Joshua Bowronbirth year given for father Caleb is unlikely, and impossible to fit with other dates (for which I only have secondary sources, though)
James Brachermother's birth year was 1757Morland: Families of John Coleby Morland
John Bradley (1803-1833)full death date was 11 June 1833Annual Monitor
George Bradshawwife's death year was 1893Milligan, s.v. William Bradshaw
Charles Bradywife Hannah d. 1913, not 1911Annual Monitor 1915
William Brady (1799-1859)daughter Elizabeth's marriage year - should be 1853QC3:21
Charles Lloyd Braithwaite; Adey Bellamy Savorylife dates for George Foster Braithwaite should be 1813-1888lots of sources - probably just a slip
Isaac Braithwaite (1781-1861)b. 1 Jan 1861Foster: Pedigree of the Forsters and Fosters, Pedigrees of Lancashire Families; Benson: Descendants of Isaac & Rachel Wilson; Annual Monitor
Joseph Bevan Braithwaitedeath year of Ann Rutter Gillett was 1896 not 1876Annual Monitor
John BrewinMartha Jefferys born Alexander, 1775-1851Suffolk marriage digest
Alfred Broadhead; Joshua Seward Searleconflicting marriage years for JSS and Isabel Broadhead
Edward George Brockbankmother died 1870Annual Monitor
Uriah Brookgrandmother Elizabeth Vipont mistakenly substituted for mother Isabella Minto Milligan, s.v. Joshua Bilton
Edward Glaisyer d. 1919 not 1918Annual Monitor, Bootham School Register
Edmund Brooksson David did marrySidcot School Register
Alfred Brownvariant spelling of mother-in-law's surname - here Ludgater, but s.v. Thomas Bax it's Ludgate
Henry Brown (1815-1900)Isaac Brown was brother, not uncleAnnual Monitor, Essex marriage digest
John Brown (1793-1880)Martha Dell's life dates were 1772?-1850Annual Monitor
Thomas Brownwife's birth year is impossible - should be 1764?Annual Monitor
Wilks Brown2 sons, 1 of whom died in infancy, and 3 daughters, one of whom died in childhoodThistlethwaite CD
Joseph Buckleymother-in-law was Jane HouldingAnnual Monitor
John Funston Burgess1769 in birthday appears to be typo for 1789
Petchell Burttmother's life dates 1797?-1871Annual Monitor
Edward Candlermother-in-law's maiden name was Alexander; 3/4 life dates for parents-in-law are availabledigests, Annual Monitor
John Candlerwas born 11 Apr 1787 at Stansted Chapel, Stansted Mount Fitchetbirths digest
Nathaniel CardThomas Binyon (1766-1823) needs a qv
Nathaniel CardCharles Thompson birth year should be 1819Milligan qv
Thomas William Carraccidental reference to 1835 in birth info
Thomas William Carrreference to brother George Carr has improbable dates - either dates are wrong or George was an uncle
Frederick Goodall CashCaroline C. Barrow was his sister, not his wife'sMilligan, s.v. George Barrow
Newman Cash2 sons (not 1) & 4 daughters by second wifecensuses
William Cash (1792-1849)John Taylor b. 1822, not 1812Milligan sv John Taylor
James Catchpooldelete 'qv' after Josiah Martin Sanders
Richard Davison Catchpool3 daughters, not 2 (but not sure how many survived)Essex Digest of Births
Thomas Catchpool (1747-1824)date of birth was 12.vi, not 21.viEssex Digest of Births
Robert Chapmanyear of death in body of entry is impossible, and conflicts with that given in the header
John Cheal (1761-1837)son-in-law John Cheal b. 1805 not 1806Annual Monitor, and conflicts with year sv William Drewett (1834-1900)
Alexander Chorleyfather-in-law was Joseph Fothergill, not JohnOxford DNB has Joseph with these dates
Anthony Claphamgrandfather born 1697?1697 christening date given in Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray
Frederick Clarkfather-in-law George Goundry died 1814Clark: Ancestors of Eric and Rachel Clark and Descendants of Frederick and Phebe Clark
John Clark (1754-1815)father should be Joseph Clark, not JohnMilligan, s.v. Timothy Clark, William Clark; Clark: Ancestors of Eric and Rachel Clark and Descendants of Frederick and Phebe Clark
Joseph Clark (1794?-1872)died at Bury St Edmunds, not SouthamptonAnnual Monitor
Joseph William Clarkwife Nellie born in 1883Sidcot School register
Roger Clarkdelete qv after Joseph Bancroft
Samuel Clarkdelete qv after George Clark
Samuel Clarkdraper in which town?
William Clarkdelete 'check'
Charles Colebyborn 30 Oct 1769Norfolk Births digest
Charles Colebydaughter Mary was born 1792Norfolk Births digest
Charles Colebydaughter Sarah was born 1794Norfolk Births digest
Henry Colebyerror in death year, in heading and body - should be 18841885 Annual Monitor
John Collinson (1806-1873)number of sons needs checkingfive apparent sons shown in 1841 census
Matthew Henry CollinsonBedford and Priscilla Impey have identical life dates - could be an error
Thomas ComptonThomas Foster was born 1759Foster: Pedigree of the Forsters and Fosters
Thomas Comptondelete qv after Thomas Foster
Townsend Comptond. 11 Oct 1834, not 17 SeptAnnual Monitor, Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray
Edward Corderd. in 1861, not 1863Annual Monitor
Francis CorderJames Watson not a grocerdraper only, in censuses 1841-61
Francis Corder1 son and 4 daughters1891 & 1901 censuses
John Corderb. 27 Sep 1757, not 1758Essex Digest of Births
Octavius Corderdelete qv after Robert Alsop
Octavius Cordermarriage year was 1854, not 1853marriage certificate; Foster: Pedigree of the Forsters and Fosters
William Corderb. 1 Aug 1760Essex Digest of Births, s.v. Wm Corder
Isaac Crewdsonmother-in-law's death year was 1819, not 1810Milligan, sv John Jowitt II
Joseph Crewdsonref. to brother William should be to brother Thomas, judging by life datesFoster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray, Annual Monitor
Thomas Crewdsonfather's life dates are suspect: John Crewdson b. 1676 is probably the grandfather Somervell: Some Westmorland Wills, Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray, Piety Promoted
William Dillworth Crewdson (1799-1878)death date a month out, should be 2 Nov 1878Somervell: Some Westmorland Wills, Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray, Benson: Descendants of Isaac & Rachel Wilson
Wilson Crewdson (1832-1880)had 3 sons, not 2Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray
Bertram Fothergill Crosfieldmother's death year should possibly be 1945Crosfield: Crosfield Family
James Crosfieldd. 9 Feb 1852Annual Monitor
Joseph Crosfield (1821-1879)marriage year of Albert Joseph Crosfield was 1880, not 1879Foster: Descendants of John Backhouse, Crosfield: Crosfield Family, Bootham School Register
Edward Croslandfather's death year was 1845Annual Monitor
Robert Crosland IV3 sons, not 2brother James referred to in The Diaries of John Bright
Robert Crosland Vd. 1856, not 1855Annual Monitor
Robert Firth CroslandDaniel Doncaster d. 1884, not 1886Annual Monitor, and Milligan sv Daniel Doncaster
William Croslandalso 1 daughter d. in infancyAnnual Monitor
Henry Crowleydeath year of William Curtis should be 1850Annual Monitor
James Curtis (1777-1853)death year of William Curtis should be 1850Annual Monitor
Abraham Darby IVelder surviving son, rather than elder sonSmith: Annals of Smith of Cantley, Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray
Abraham Darby IVdate of death was 28 Nov 1878Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray
Alfred Darbyyounger surviving son, rather than younger sonSmith: Annals of Smith of Cantley, Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray
Edmund DarbySamuel Darby had no surviving daughters, rather than no daughtersFoster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray, Oxford DNB
Edmund Darbymother's birth year was 1754 not 1752Oxford DNB, Smith: Annals of Smith of Cantley, Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray, &c.
Edmund Darbyd. 29 Mar 1810, not summerSmith: Annals of Smith of Cantley, Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray
Samuel Darbywife's birth year was 1754 not 1752Oxford DNB, Smith: Annals of Smith of Cantley, Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray, &c.
Samuel Darbyalso had a daughter, who only lived a few hoursFoster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray, Oxford DNB
Thomas Davismarried in 1847, not 1848Sidcot School Register
Samuel Dayfirst wife Kezia Lawrence born 1740?Piety Promoted
Samuel Dayfirst mother-in-law's maiden name was SpringallNorfolk Marriage Digest
Richard Deanewife Hannah Hurrell was born in 1765Essex Births Digest
Stephen Deanemother-in-law Mary Coleby was born 1784Norfolk Births Digest
Stephen Deane'Mary Deane' should say Mary PaceNorfolk Births Digest
William Deane (1793-1866)the article itself contradicts the statement that there were no children of his 3rd marriage, giving name and date of a daughter
Joseph Hagen Dellwife Martha Smith's life dates were 1772?-1850Annual Monitor
Richard Latimer Dellwife Sarah Swinborn's life dates were 1789?-1862Annual Monitor
Barnard Dickinsonfather John Dickinson b. 1744Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray
James Dixdaughters' marriage years are reversed in the entries for their husbands - n/k which is correct
Ralph Dixonwife Ann Booth died 1855, not 1854Annual Monitor
Thomas Edward Doegdelete 'query'
William Drewett (1834-1900)Martha (Cheal) Standing b. 1801Milligan sv John Cheal (1761-1837)
Charles [Stokes] Dudley2nd wife was Sarah HaycockOxford DNB
Joseph John DymondRichard Littleboy's life dates should presumably be 1819-1895Milligan, sv Richard Littleboy], unless another RL is intended, in which case delete 'qv'
John Edgar Edmundsonb. Rothbury, Fox Rock, Dublin, not GatesheadThe Friend; 1891 census says Ireland
Bernard Ellisthe son killed in WW1 was aged 18Annual Monitor, Bootham & Sidcot School Registers
Edward Shipley EllisOxford DNB gives wife's year of death as 1899, not 1890Oxford DNB
Robert Ellisdied 7 Apr 1873Annual Monitor
John James Evans5 daughters, not 4Sidcot School Register
Benjamin Evens [1718-1798]2nd mother-in-law's maiden name was SpringallNorfolk Marriage Digest
Edwin Fardon (b. 1798)the other Edwin Fardon d. 1837, not 1838, and of Sibford Gower, not Sibford FerrisAnnual Monitor
John Firth (1790-1847)wife's life dates were 1791-1860Atkinson: Families of Atkinson, Annual Monitor
mother-in-law's maiden name was BeaumontAtkinson: Families of Atkinson
Caleb Fletcherdaughter married in 1860Milligan, sv Josiah Newman
John Wilson Fletcherwife d. 1857 not 1867Annual Monitor
Thomas Benson Pease Fordhad 4 daughters, not 3censuses, Richard B. Walker: Walkers of Yorkshire
William Edward ForsterJane Backhouse still alive in 1881, as Jane Biglandcensuses 1861-81
Joseph Foster5 daughters, 1 of whom died in infancyFoster: Pedigree of the Forsters and Fosters
Joseph Talwin Fosterhad 4 surviving sistersFoster: Pedigree of the Forsters and Fosters
Joseph Talwin Fosterwife b. 1800Foster: Pedigree of the Forsters and Fosters
Edward Fowler; Henry Tuttyconflicting birth years for Lydia Tutty
Joseph FowlerBenjamin Smart was b. in 1734Milligan, sv Benjamin Smart
Thomas Fowlermother-in-law Ann Waterhouse d. 1836, not 1837Annual Monitor
Afred Foxd. 23 May, not 20 MayAnnual Monitor
David Fox (1790-1871)b. 6 Oct 1790Annual Monitor
Francis Fox (1765-1812)marriage year was 1798, not 1799Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray
Francis Fox (1797-1862)Rachel Womersley was born in 1794Atkinson: Families of Atkinson
Francis Fox (1797-1862)Jane Womersley life dates were 1761?-1833Atkinson: Families of Atkinson, Annual Monitor
Henry Foxd. at WellingtonBenson: Descendants of Isaac and Rachel Wilson, Somervell: Some Westmorland Wills
John Howard Foxd. 13 Mar 1951Descendants of Isaac & Rachel Wilson - Supplement to 1949 edn
Joseph Hoyland Foxdates for Francis Fox Tuckett appear to be those for Mariana Fox Tuckett: Benson's Descendants of Isaac & Rachel Wilson give's birth year for FFT as 1834; source misplaced gives FFT's death year as 1913
Robert Were Fox (1792-1872)mother-in-law Ann(a) Prideaux's life dates were 1751?-1836Annual Monitor
Robert Were Fox (1792-1872)d. at KingsbridgeAnnual Monitor
Theodore Foxd. 28 Sep 1899, not 27 SepAnnual Monitor
Peter France (1810-1883) and William France (1804?-1864)marriage years are reversed in the entry for their father-in-law - n/k which is correct
Arnee Frank; Thomas Truslade Sparkescontradictory information re names of Martha Benwell before marriage
Lewis FryJ. & F. Richardson' should presumably be 'E. & J. Richardson'
John Frychildren accounted for don't equal the total stated
Joseph Fry (1728-1787)birth year for Rachel Portsmouth conflicts with that given sv Samuel Bevington
Lewis Fryd. at NewcastleAnnual Monitor, Sidcot School Register
Richard Fryhad at least 5 sons from 2nd marriage1871 census
Frederick Fryerpossible error in place of death, which looks like it should say 'Toothill Grove', Rastrick rather than 'Toothill Grove', Chorlton upon Medlock
Joseph Jowitt Fryerfather-in-law George Coates's birth year was 1767Smith: Annals of Smith, Benson: Descendants of Isaac and Richard Wilson
Richard Gardneralso married Emma ____, bef 1851, and had at least two daughters, one of whom died in infancy, the other aged 191851 census, Annual Monitor for daughters' deaths
Henry Garnettgives mother-in-law Elizabeth Hitchings's birth year as 1848?, but sv George Hitchings it is 1847
Henry Bevington Gibbinsdiscrepancy in death year between heading and body
John Gibbins (1848-1931)Bertha Gibbins was niece, not sister, to Henry Robinson
Richard Cadbury GibbinsRobert Lloyd Gibbins b. 1877, not 1897Bootham School Register, Benson: Descendants of Isaac & Rachel Wilson
William Gibbins (1840-1933)Phoebe Waterhouse b. 1846Crosfield: Crosfield Family
Jabez Gibsondaughter-in-law Mary Marriage d. 1918, not 1917Annual Monitor
Jabez GibsonMary Marriage was daughter of William Marriage's 1st wife, not second: Sophia Christy (1818?-1854)Annual Monitor, 1851 & 1861 census
Robert Moline Gilesmarriage details contradict reference to his marriage in Milligan sv James Barringer
Benjamin Gilbert Gilkesmother's maiden name was GilbertSidcot School Register
Benjamin Gilbert Gilkesdate of death was 16 Jan 1860, not 15 JanAnnual Monitor, Sidcot School Register
Thomas Gilkes (1808-1871)wife's death date and marriage date are incompatible
Thomas Gillhad two sons, one of whom died aged 21Sidcot School Register, Annual Monitor
Jonathan Gillettdeath year of Ann Rutter Gillett was 1896 not 1876Annual Monitor
Jonathan Gilletthusband of Mary Padbury (1764?-1861) was Richard Padbury, not JohnAnnual Monitor
John Glaisyer (1776-1844)wife's birth year conflicts with that sv John Horne; the latter date is supported by Annual Monitor
Thomas Glaisyerbirth date in text conflicts with birth year in heading, and is clearly a mistake
James GraceEllen (Thirnbeck) Grace d. 1866, not 1860Foster: Pedigree of the Forsters and Fosters, Annual Monitor
James Gracemother's forename was Mercy, not NancyMilligan, sv Josiah Grace 1748-1822
James Gracemother-in-law Sarah Thirnbeck's maiden name was Abraham, her dates 1755-1799Foster: Pedigree of the Forsters and Fosters, Foster: Pedigrees of Lancashire Families
John Thirnbeck Gracewith Ann Watson he also had a 3rd son, who lived 6 daysFoster: Pedigree of the Forsters and Fosters
Joseph Lloyd Graham2nd mother-in-law was Hannah Briggs DrewettSidcot School Register
Joseph Lloyd Graham3rd daughter of second marriage listed in Sidcot School Register, twin with the son who died in infancy
William Gray (1812-1880)with 2nd wife had 5 sons (one of whom died in childhood), not 4Annual Monitor sv Walter Gray, d. 1859
Joseph Markes Greenhad 6 daughters (of whom at least one died in childhood), not 2Essex Births Digest
Joseph Markes Greendaughter Caroline mistakenly referred to as CandiaEssex Births Digest, Annual Monitor, Milligan sv Henry Hopkins
William Gregorymother-in-law Sarath Tipping's dates were 1792?-1834Annual Monitor
Charles Wood Grimshawfor Pollard read PickardMilligan sv William Grimshaw (1812-1900)
Frederick Grimshawfor Pollard read PickardMilligan sv William Grimshaw (1812-1900)
Bartlett Gurneygives wrong death year for Richard GurneyMilligan sv Richard Gurney
Richard Gurneymarriage to Rachel Hanbury was in 1779Essex Marriage Digest
Richard Gurneyalso had a son who died in infancyEssex Births & Burial Digests
Richard Gurneyson's middle name was Hanbury, not HenryEssex Births Digest
Samuel Gurneyb. 26 Oct, not 18 OctEssex Births Digest
Stephen Hacknumber of surviving daughters of James & Priscilla Hack conflicts with that stated in entry for James Hack (1731?-1803) himself
Isaac Hadwenmarriage year conflicts with that given sv John Ashworth
John William Hallfather died 1861, not 1868Annual Monitor, John William Hall: Reminiscences
John William Hallmother was born Mary Nattrass, and lived 1807-1853John William Hall: Reminiscences, information from Laurel Nattrass, Annual Monitor
Capel Hanburyd. 18 Dec, not 18 JulyAnnual Monitor
George Harlockdeath year for Joseph Harlock conflicts with that given sv John Barringer
Joseph Harlock and Wilfred Harlocklife dates for Joseph's wife Mary Harlock and Wilfred's mother Mary Harlock appear to have been switched1910 Annual Monitor has entries for both, showing Mary Harlock 1827?-1909 , widow of Samuel Harlock and Mary (Stretch) Harlock 1836?-1908, widow of Joseph
John Harrison (1725-1800)describes William Backhouse 1697/8-1761 as 'yeoman and corn dealer', but sv James Backhouse (1720/1-1798) he is described as 'yeoman and yarn dealer'; both could be correct, but it looks like it might be a slip
Reuben Harrisonmother's maiden name was SmithBooth, 'The Quakers of Countersett and their Legacy'
Nathaniel Hartland (1791-1866)first mother-in-law-s maiden name was PerkinsOxford DNB
Charles Heath (1740/1-1810)birth year of Ann Hack conflicts with that given sv Thomas Hack
Edward Hicks (1835-1912)b. 1798Essex Births Digest
Henry Hicks (1800-1873)mother-in-law Ann Sanders b. 1764Essex Births Digest
Henry Burgess Hickswife's life dates were 1872?-1919Annual Monitor
Henry Burgess Hicksmarriage date impossible
Henry Hipsleymother-in-law was Deborah Sanderson (1774?-1855)Annual Monitor
George HitchingsSidcot School Register lists 2 sons & 4 daughters by 2nd marriage, not 1 and 3
Samuel Hoare (1751-1825)Sarah (Lawrence) Gurney was born 1732Norfolk Births Digest
Henry Hobbsd. 25 Jul 1884, not as statedAnnual Monitor
William Holme (1738?-1810)death year in heading conflicts with that in body
Charles John Holmesd. 10 Feb 1902Annual Monitor
William Holmes (1779-1816)entry states 'three daughters (one of whom died in infancy)", then lists the marriages of three daughters
William Holmes (1792-1858)should say Joseph Watson, not John Watson [lots of evidence available - Joseph W. was my great-great-grandfather]
Edward Hooperinternal inconsistency in birth year
Henry Horsnaill (1828-1881)2 sons, not 1Sidcot & Bootham School Registers
William Cleverly Horsnaill>1 son lived to adulthood: 1 was in the Retreat in 1871 [census], another died in Australia in 1872Annual Monitor
William HoskinsAnn Stephens was born Cooper (presumably)Milligan sv John Stephens (1786-1875)
Thomas Howmarriage date impossible
David Howisonapparent typo in death date (1859, whereas heading says 1852)
William Hoylandmother-in-law Katharine Trickett: maiden name Dent, life dates 1746-1814Penney: Pen Pictures of London Yearly Meeting
John Hull (1795-1850)mother's maiden name Warner, not MercerMilligan, sv Henry Hull, William Hull
Sylvanus Huntmother-in-law Elizabeth Lockwood's life dates were 1814?-1898Annual Monitor
Henry Hurtleymother-in-law Mary (Petchell) Burtt's life dates were 1797?-1871Annual Monitor
Frederic Impeywife d. 1914, not 1915Annual Monitor for 1917, sv Elizabeth Stephens Impey
Frederic Paul Impeybirth years inconsistent between heading and body
Frederic Paul Impeyref. to Francis Levitt Impey needs 'qv'
William Impey (1845-1919)also educated at AckworthAckworth School Centenary Committee: List of the Boys and Girls Admitted into Ackworth School
William Impey (1845-1919)2 sons of second marriage shown inSidcot School Register
William IrwinElizabeth Sayce was born PriceMilligan, sv Edward Sayce
James Jackson (1832-1890)error in mother's death year: should be 1843Milligan, sv John Jackson (1789-1845)
Jonathan Jackson (1837-1907)mother-in-law Jane (Firth) Wood lived 1822?-1850Annual Monitor
Samuel Alexander Jefferysmother's maiden name Alexander, birth year 1775Digests of Suffolk Births and Marriages
David Jepsonmother's maiden name ScotMortimer: Quakers in Gildersome
Joseph Jones (1803-1873)Evans, not EvensMilligan, sv John James Evans
John Jowitt IIfather-in-law Joseph Dickinson's life dates were 1707-1759Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray, Mortimer: Quakers in Gildersome, Atkins: Families of Atkinson
John Jowitt IImother-in-law's maiden name was Pilling, life dates 1709?-1774Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray, Mortimer: Quakers in Gildersome
Thomas Barrow King2 sons (one of whom died in infancy) & 1 daughterFoster: Descendants of John Backhouse, Pedigrees of Lancashire Families; Annual Monitor sv Frederick Rooke King d. 1902
William King (1788?-1864)'lock and eye' should probably be 'hook and eye'Milligan, sv Samuel Baker Pumphrey
George Latchmore/George Henry Latchmoresequence of names varies, in Bank name - but this may be correct
Wilfrid LeanWilliam Scarnell Lean b. 1833, not 1853Annual Monitor, 1881 & 1891 censuses; Milligan sv Richard Wallis Littleboy
Wilfrid LeanMarianna (Bevan) Lean b. 1837?, not 18571881 & 1891 censuses
Charles Albert LeathamWilliam Fowler d. 1905 not 1904Oxford DNB
Thomas Lilwallwife's maiden name and parents surname were 'Hall', not 'Hill'; should be 'qv'Milligan, sv James Hall
George Braithwaite Lloyd Iwith first wife also had a daughter who died in infancyBenson: Descendants of Isaac & Rachel Wilson, Foster: Pedigrees of the Forsters and Fosters
James Lloyd Ihad 6 sons and 1 daughterFoster: Pedigree of the Forsters and Fosters
John Lloyd (1750/1-1811)David Barclay's birth year was 1728 not 1729Milligan sv David Barclay
Samuel Lloyd IMary (Young) Zachary d. 1846Annual Monitor
Samuel Lloyd IIparents in law life dates were 1735?-1818 (Joseph) and 1753?-1803 (Jane)Oxford DNB, sv Mary Lloyd
Alfred LudlamBrunner, Maud' should presumably be 'Brunner Mond'
Robert Lovell (1746?-1804)Judith (Leaper) Hill's life dates were 1726?-1785Piety Promoted
Robert Lovell (1771-1796)details of marriage and one son are in Oxford DNBOxford DNB
Hagger LoweTabitha (Burgess) Lowe's life dates were 1783-1825Piety Promoted
Samual Hayhurst Lucaswife Hannah's life dates were 1785?-1836Annual Monitor
James Maddock (1764-1825)father James was b. 1718; should have an Oxford DNB tag, tooOxford DNB
Edward Marriageat least 2 sons reached adulthood - Wilson and Edward BurgessMilligan, qv, Sidcot School Register
Henry Marriagewasn't younger son, as the sons were twins
Thomas Sydney Marriagefather Joseph Gray Marriage b. 1815, not 1813Essex Births Digest
Edward Marriagemain entry says 1 son & 2 daughters survived, but entry for Walter says Edward & Lucy had 2 surviving sons & 1 daughter [Sidcot School register shows a second surviving son, too]Sidcot School register
Thomas Marsh (1783-1872)Mary Hannah Maria (Holland) Marsh's life dates were 1788?-1860Annual Monitor
William Mason (1849-1929)death year of Elizabeth (Wright) Oxley was 1858, not 1868Annual Monitor; and Milligan, sv John Ransome Oxley
Samuel Alexander Maw (1807-1884)Rachel Alexander b. 1809Suffolk Births Digest
Simon Maw (1747-1799)d. 28 Apr, not 20 AprSuffolk Burials Digest
Basil Patras MegahySarah Marianne Bradley b. 1855Sidcot School Register
George Mennell3 daughters, not 2Bootham School Register, censuses
Henry Tuke Mennellwife Maria Bradley (Newman) Mennell d. 1912Sessions & Sessions: Tukes of York
Joseph Messer (1795-1884)life dates for Patience (Docwra) Messer were 1757-1845Essex Births Digest, Annual Monitor
John Midwinter; Joseph Tyler (1758-1828)wildly discrepant death years for John Tyler
George Miller (1759-1831)married in 1786Penney: Pen Pictures of London Yearly Meeting
William Miller; John Henry Smeeinconsistent marriage years for Susanna Jane Miller
Robert Moline (1786-1836)Farmers Hill' should almost certainly be 'Tanners Hill'Annual Monitor says Lewisham Road, Deptford, which is consistent with Tanners Hill; no such place as Farmers Hill
Robert Moline (1789-1866)Mary (Lewis) Prichard d. 1794Oxford DNB
Edward Backhouse MounseyJohn & Lucy Mounsey had 2 surviving sons and 3 surviving daughtersFoster: Descendants of John Backhouse, Smith: Annals of Smith of Cantley, Bootham School Register, censuses
John Henry Neave'Hannah' Newman should be HarrietMilligan, sv Josiah Newman (1812-1884)
John Henry Neavelife dates for Helen Margaret (Pearson) Neave were 1882-1968Sidcot School Register
Edward NewmanMaria Preston Hale was daughter of Charles Henry Hale and Elizabeth (Butler) HaleOxford DNB
Henry Newman (1818-1908)daughter's name was HelenAnnual Monitor
Thomas Nicholson (1764?-1823)William Sutton lived 1731-1815, wife was Betty Robinson, 1732-1813RG 6/1388; Brooker Pedigrees [SoG Library]
William Gregory NorrisEmma Williams Stead b. 1815?Annual Monitor
Thomas Norton (1767-1853)Elizabeth (Heydon) Norton's life dates were 1764?-1836Annual Monitor
Thomas Norton (1797-1868)Elizabeth (Heydon) Norton's life dates were 1764?-1837Annual Monitor
William NortonElizabeth (Heydon) Norton's life dates were 1764?-1837Annual Monitor
Joseph King (1759-pre1828); Daniel Oliver (1771-1848)Andrew Oliver's birth year given as 1725?, Jane Oliver's death year as 1809; Andrew Oliver's birth year given as 1730?, Jane Oliver's death year as 1783internal conflict
Edward Oxley; James WrightEdward Oxley's life dates were 1752 to 1798Norfolk Births, Marriages, and Burials Digests
Edward OxleyAgatha Ransome's birth year was 1779Norfolk Births Digest
Samuel Pace; John PerryJohn Newnham's death year given as 1788 and 1778internal conflict
Alfred Pearmanlife dates for Francis Howard Knight were 1881 to 1945 (father's have been repeated by mistake)Bootham School Register
Charles Peasewas 6th and youngest surviving to adulthood of the 8 sonsBenson: Descendants of Isaac & Rachel Wilson, Annual Monitor
Edward PeaseElizabeth was born in 1803, not 1809Smith: Annals of Smith, Annual Monitor, censuses
Joseph Pease (1772-1846)query: were Thomas and Sarah the Thomas Bradshaw and Sarah (Hoare) Bradshaw referred to sv Samuel Hoare I?
Joseph Pease (1799-1872)an 8th son died aged 11Benson: Descendants of Isaac & Rachel Wilson, Annual Monitor
Edmund Peckover (1741/2-1809)Jane was daughter to Richard, not Edmund, PeckoverMilligan, sv Richard Harris; Atkinson: Families of Atkinson
Thomas Peirson (1766-1808)Mary Wilson was born Mary VipontScruton: Family Records. The Viponts, the Ecroyds, the Biltons
George Pittd. 20 Mar 1908, of MitchamAnnual Monitor
Alfred Whiting PollardMaria Evens was b. 1820?Annual Monitor
Alfred Whiting Pollard4 daughters, not threeAnnual Monitor, censuses
James PollardCatherine Pollard was née Hughesdonvarious sources - my 3rd great grandmother - see Ben Beck's website
James Pollardmarriage was in 1813, not according to Friends' usagevarious sources - my great-great-grandparents - see Ben Beck's website
James Pollardwife was Susanna Bourn, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Penfold) Bournvarious sources - my great-great-grandparents - see Ben Beck's website
James Pollardone of the sons also died in infancydeath certificate for David Pollard
James Pollarddied at Reigate, not Horshamvarious sources - my great-great-grandfather - see Ben Beck's website
John PollardCatherine Pollard was née Hughesdonvarious sources - my 3rd great grandmother - see Ben Beck's website
Joseph Pollard (1754-1836)mother's maiden name was Hall, not HullQuaker marriage certificate, now at West Sussex RO
Joseph Pollard (1754-1836)father James Pollard lived 1721?-1783; mother Mary (Hall) Pollard lived 1724?-1804various sources - my 4th great grandparents - see Ben Beck's website
Joseph Pollard (1785-1825)also had 2 sons who died in infancyLady Robertson Nicoll: Bells of Memory
Joseph Pollard (1785-1825)Catherine Pollard was née Hughesdonvarious sources - my 3rd great grandmother - see Ben Beck's website
Thomas Prichard (1765-1843)also a daughter who died in infancyOxford DNB
Charles PrideauxElizabeth Wakefield's mother was Jane (Goff) Wakefield (1770-1836)Annual Monitor, JFHS
Alfred PriestmanJohn Priestman's death year was 1906, not 1936 (typo)Milligan, sv John Priestman (1828-1906)
Arthur PriestmanEdith Leeming was daughter to John Leeming, of BradfordAnnual Monitor
Sydney Herbert PriestmanCharles Edward Brightwen needs a qv
Thomas Priestmand. 19 Apr 1812A. Belt, 'Friends' Burial Ground Bishopshill', TS transcript of MIs, York City Libraries
Walter Priestmanthe son who died young was aged 24, not 26Sidcot School Register
Joseph Procter (1730-1809); John Spence (1775-1851)conflicting birth years for Rebecca Procter
George Richardson PumphreyDorothy (Stickney) Sewell born 1793, not 1795Milligan, sv Abraham Sewell
Josiah Pumphrey; Stanley Pumphrey (1771-1843)variant death years given for Samuel Baker
Theodore RansomBenjamin Townson's wife's maiden name was ThorpBootham School Register
Robert Ransome (1795-1864)Sarah Coleby was born 1794Norfolk Births digest
Thomas RansomeMargaret Walker's birth year was 1756?Norfolk Burials Digest
William Reynoldshad 3 sons and 2 daughters, 1 of whom died in infancy; not as statedOxford DNB
Richard RichardsMary Edmonds born 1793?, not 1800Annual Monitor, 1851 & 1861 censuses
Richard RichardsHenry Edmonds lived 1768?-1846, Sarah Edmonds lived 1766?-1846Annual Monitor
George RichardsonEleanor Watson was not related to Joshua Watson at all (unless Jacob Watson, Joshua's father, had a previous marriage I don't know of)various sources for children of Jacob Watson; Joshua Watson was my 3rd great grandfather
Isaac Richardson (1761-1810)the half-brother who died young died aged 22, not 'in childhood'PRO RG 6/226
John Richardson (1733-1800)the son of the 2nd marriage who died young died aged 22, not 'in childhood'PRO RG 6/226
John Richardson (1765-1842)the half-brother who died young died aged 22, not 'in childhood'PRO RG 6/226
John Richardson (1765-1842)? on third wife; I have her name as Sarah Alexander, previously married to George Blaxland, and daughter of William and Elizabeth Alexandermaybe PRO RG 6/527 - needs checking
Jonathan RichardsonElizabeth (Dearman) Robson died 1852, not 1843Milligan, sv Edward Robson (1763-1813), Oxford DNB, Annual Monitor
Joseph Richardsonshould it be Eliza, not Ellen, Fossick?Milligan, sv Frederick Backhouse
George Deane; Richard Richardsonvariant birth years given for Mary Richardson
Thomas Richardson (1773-1835)Frances Richardson was born HaswellMilligan, sv Jonathan Richardson
John Rickman (1780-1835)John Godlee should have 'qv'; assuming this is correct Mary Godlee should have life dates and maiden nameMilligan, sv John Godlee
Robert Ring (1774-1835)Thomas Ring died 1831, not 1832Sidcot School Register
Robert Merrell Ring'1826' appears to be a typo for '1806', in 2nd line
Henry RobinsonJane Love (Colgate) Robinson d. 1898, not 1908Annual Monitor for 1900
Edward Robson (1763-1813)d. 21 May (bur. 26 May)Oxford DNB
Henry Ellythorp RobsonWilliam Josiah Bryan d. 1847Foster: Pedigrees of Beakbane; Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray
Henry Ellythorp RobsonThomas Bragg was b. 1789; Elizabeth Bragg's mother was born Ann Boadle, and d. 1886Foster: Pedigrees of Beakbane; Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray, Smith: Annals of Smith
Nathan RobsonOf the children who died young, 2 died in childhood, not one; so no more than 2 children died in their twentiesSmith: Annals of Smith
Thomas Robson (1768-1852)birth year for daughter Elizabeth should be 1815, not 1805Milligan, sv Joshua Green; Annual Monitor; Smith: Annals of Smith; censuses
Thomas Robson (1779-1853)Ann Awmack b. 1745Oxford DNB
Thomas Robson (1779-1853)Anne Robson/Dearman Robson marriage was in 1826, not 1805Smith: Annals of Smith
John Harvey; Heffield Rosling (1794-1821)variant birth years given for Sarah Harvey
George RowntreePriscilla Gray Wallis born 1856, not 1855Rowntree & Sessions: The Rowntrees of Riseborough
Harold RowntreeLilian Myrtle (Gunner) Rowntree lived 1886-1954Rowntree & Sessions: The Rowntrees of Riseborough
Samuel Rundellpresumably William James was the same person as the William James who has his own entry in the dictionary, in which case a 'qv' would be appropriate, as would reference to their life dates and Charity's maiden nameMilligan, sv William James
James Ryley; Nicholas Waterhouse (1795-1828)conflicting death years for Margaret (Cropper) Ryley
James SandersJosiah Martin Sanders life dates were 1770?-1852; Ann Sanders's maiden name was Catchpool, her life dates 1764-1833Milligan, sv James Catchpool; Annual Monitor; digests of Essex births and burials
James SandersMartha (Dann) King d. 1824, not 1826Milligan, sv Robert King
Adey Bellamy SavorySusannah Cox lived 1750?-1836Annual Monitor
Edward SayceAnn Smith was née CockinPenney: Pen Pictures of London Yearly Meeting
Henry ScarnellAnna (Gray) Scarnell lived 1811?-1903Annual Monitor
Frederic SeebohmMary Ann (Exton) Seebohm lived 1833-1904Oxford DNB
Samuel SeekingsMary (Tavener) Seekings lived 1814-1855Annual Monitor, Sidcot School Register
Thomas Seekingslife dates for wife's parents are given sv Edward Anson Crouch, and seem to belong here tooMilligan, sv Edward Anson Crouch
Mary Sessions born Haughtonhad a second daughter who died in infancyAtkinson: Families of Atkinson; Milligan sv William Sessions
Edward Fuller Sewell; Joseph Taylor (1797-1871)conflicting first names for Edward's wife
James SheppardSarah Gurney was b. 1757, not 1755digest of Norfolk births
John Norman Sheppard; William Sheppardconflicting death details for Norman Sheppard's brother
John Talwin ShewellElizabeth (Peckover) Shewell d. 1871, not 1873Annual Monitor
Joseph Shewell (1785-1845)born in Bow, LondonBiographical Catalogue
James ShollElizabeth (Buckridge) Sholl lived 1776?-1869Annual Monitor
Hoffgaard ShoobridgeRichard Shoobridge lived 1743?-1778; Sarah (Hoffgard) Shoobridge lived 1744-1808Essex digests
Hoffgaard ShoobridgeHannah Tyler was born Hayward and lived 1765?-1837Milligan, sv Robert Simpson 1800-1874
Major ShoutRichard Mason lived 1760-1833Milligan, sv William Mason 1812-1899, and sv William Simpson (1795-1866)
Edward Simpson; William Simpson (1795-1866)conflicting information on number of daughters of 1st marriage of William Simpson
George Simpson (1809-1862)Edward L. Squire - of Coalbrookdale - lived 1848?-1898Annual Monitor
George Simpson (1837-1926)Charles Burtt died 1865, not 1863Annual Monitor
George Simpson (1837-1926)Sophia Burtt's mother was born Mary Ann Howitt, not Howick, and lived 1818-1890Rowntree & Sessions: The Rowntrees of Riseborough
Henry Jeffrey Simpsonwith first wife also had a daughterSidcot School Register
Joseph Simpsonhad 3 sons and 4 daughters, not 4 sons and 3 daughtersBrian Davey: Descendants of Richard Thistlethwaite (privately circulated CD)
Martin SimpsonThomas Simpson d. 1820, Elizabeth (Atkinson) Simpson d. 1817article by Joseph Simpson in Quaker Connections 14
John Dyke SladeMaria Hunt was born Harvey, and lived 1781?-1853Sidcot School Register, Annual Monitor
William Smeal (1762?-1836)also a daughter of the first marriageOxford DNB, censuses
Barron SmithMary Taylor was b. 1796?Annual Monitor
John Smith; Daniel Tukeinconsistent birth years for Mary Ann Smith
Joseph Henry Smithwith 2nd wife had a daughter who died in infancy (in 1904)Annual Monitor
Samuel Smith (1790-1840); Thomas Smith (1759?-1843)inconsistent death years for Hannah (Thackwell) Smith
William Henry SmithHenry Wallis lived 1818-1899Milligan, sv Henry Wallis
Charles Holmes Smithsonimpossible marriage year
Charles Holmes Smithsonalso had a daughterSidcot School Register
Joseph Smithson (1833-1908)If Mary Ann Holmes was b. 1832 she can't have been daughter to the Charles John Holmes b. 1820; the reference to 'C.J. Holmes' may suggest that Charles John is intended. Not clear what the correct position is, but it doesn't read comfortably as it is.
Samuel Southall (1793-1853)birth year inadvertently substituted for death year in date of deathheading in Milligan; Annual Monitor
Alfred Henry SpenceSarah Riccalton lived 1790?-1857Annual Monitor
Charles James SpenceSarah (Hagen) Spence d. 1878, not 1872Milligan, sv Robert Spence (1817-1890), The British Friend
John Spence (1746-1806)Edward Vipont was b. 1707, not 1697Milligan, sv William Bilton; Scruton: Family Records, the Viponts
John Spence (1746-1806); William WaithmanJoseph Waithman b. 1759Foster: Pedigrees of Wilson of High Wray; Foster: Pedigrees of Beakbane
Josephus Spencewrong mother (gives grandmother's name and dates for mother's); mother was actually born Ann Bracher (1800-1839)Milligan, svv Joseph Spence (1804-1872) and William Spence; Morland: Families of John Coleby Morland
Robert Spence (1742-1793)Elizabeth Hardcastle was born DavieMilligan, sv Thomas Procter (1754-1840)
Robert Spence (1742-1793)Hannah (Hopkins) Walker lived 1720/1-1792Richard Walker's website
Robert Spence (1784-1845)daughter Jane b. 1823, not 1822Milligan, sv Charles Brown (1816-1864); RG 6/775
William SpenceAnn (Carrington) Bracher was born 1757Morland: Families of John Coleby Morland
George Stacey (1786-1857)omits all reference to 2nd marriageMilligan, sv John Barclay (1797-1838)
John Slater StansfieldJane (Fryer) Stansfield's death date should be 1855Milligan sv Slater Stansfield, Annual Monitor
William Stephen IIlife dates and wife's maiden name for William and Mary Metford stated elsewhereMilligan sv Joseph Metford
Joseph SterryAnn Hicks was b. 1773Essex births digest
Joseph Sterry'Susanna Sterry' should say 'Margaret Sterry'
Charles SturgeMary (Marshall) Sturge d. 1819Oxford DNB
Henry Sturge; Young Sturgeconflicting info on mother's maiden name: Richards or Richardson
Joseph Taylor (1797-1871)Jonathan Taylor d. 1819, not 1820Annual Monitor
John Thistlethwaite (1758-1836)1st marriage was in 1782, not 1792Brian Davey: Descendants of Richard Thistlethwaite (privately circulated CD)
John Thistlethwaite (1790-1863)6 daughters, not 5Brian Davey: Descendants of Richard Thistlethwaite (privately circulated CD)
John Thistlethwaite (1790-1863); Edward TukeEdward Tuke d. 1890, not 1891Annual Monitor for 1892
Alexander Thompsondoesn't enumerate children, despite reference to son-in-law; had at least 1 sonSidcot School Register
Francis Thompson (1837-1923)Emma Florence Pepler was born Mills, and was widow of George Henry Pepler (1849-1884), partner in Diplick Brewers; she lived 1853-1935Oxford DNB
Henry Thompson (1791-1853)Mary (Smith) Stonehouse lived 1768?-1858Annual Monitor
Richard Thompson (1766-1834)John Walker was b. 1794Richard Walker's website
Samuel Thorp (1791-1860)John Thorp was b. 1742Penney: Pen Pictures of London Yearly Meeting; Piety Promoted
John Fincher Thursfielddaughter Susan died in 1891 aged 16, not 12Annual Monitor
Thomas TownsonBenjamin Townson was presumably the youngest son of the first marriage, but not the youngest son
Philip Debell Tuckett (1801-1872)m. 1st Elinor ____, with whom he had a son, a daughter, and a daughter who d. aged 19Sidcot School Register
Edward TukeLydia Turner was born HothamBootham School Register
Edward Tuked. 1890, not 1891Annual Monitor for 1892
William Tukebirth year of Mabel Tuke should be 1770, not 1779Milligan sv John Hipsley (1775-1866); Penney: Pen Pictures; Sessions & Sessions: Tukes of York
William Murray TukeEmma (Williams) Tuke lived 1823?-1908Annual Monitor
Frederick William Tyler; James Tylerconflicting first names for James Tyler's wife
James TylerMary Gurney was born LambSidcot School Register
George UnthankMary Baker senior lived 1772?-1845Annual Monitor
John Vealeboth parents appear to be female; if this is correct, surely a note of explanation would be appropriate
Henry Waddingtonalso had a daughterDescendants of Isaac & Rachel Wilson - Supplement to 1949 Edition
John WagstaffeElizabeth Fenn was born AshbyDigest of Norfolk Marriages
Charles Walkeralso educated at AckworthAckworth School Centenary Committee: List of the Boys and Girls Admitted into Ackworth School
Charles Walkerd. 21 Jan 1939Richard B. Walker: Walkers of Yorkshire, 2006, typescript
Edwin WalkerElizabeth (Webster) Walker was b. 1796Richard B. Walker: Walkers of Yorkshire, 2006, typescript; also his website
Edwin Walkermarried in 1872, not 1871Richard B. Walker: Walkers of Yorkshire, 2006, typescript
Henry WalkerFlorence Rishworth Dawson's mother was Mary Ann ____, b. 1841?1891 census
Joseph Walker (1821-1855)b. 24 May 1821Richard B. Walker: Walkers of Yorkshire, 2006, typescript
Joseph Walker (1821-1855)married in 1845 Mary Cash (d. 1908)Richard B. Walker: Walkers of Yorkshire, 2006, typescript; Annual Monitor
Richard WalkerPriscilla Walker d. 1900Richard B. Walker: Walkers of Yorkshire, 2006, typescript
Richard Walkerd. 19 July 1873Richard B. Walker: Walkers of Yorkshire, 2006, typescript
Thomas Walker (1832-1903)Ann (Swale) Walker b. 1805Richard B. Walker: Walkers of Yorkshire, 2006, typescript; also his website
Charles Borham WarnerSamuel Compton lived 1782?-1836; Elizabeth Compton lived 1791?-1859Annual Monitor
Charles James WaterfallWilliam Waterfall b. 1820, not 1818Sidcot School Register, Annual Monitor
Charles James Waterfall; William Booth Waterfallbirth year for George Miller Robinson is impossible, if Georgiana's is correct
Joseph Watson (1840-1873)died not at Gateshead but at Florence, where he is buried in the Protestant cemeterydeath certificate, burials digest, Annual Monitor, The Friend, The British Friend, www.florin.ms/cemetery4.html [accessed 2006-01-12]
Joshua WatsonHannah Watson was born BellPercy Corder: The Life of Robert Spence Watson. London: Headley, 1914: RG 6/226
Joshua WatsonJoseph Watson d. 1840death certificate, burials digest
William Joshua Watsond. 7 Jan 1896, not 1890Bootham School Register, The Friend, The British Friend
Challacombe WattsWas presumably son of Joseph Watts's first wife, Mary Ann Ashton, not his second. His first wife died in 1861, and he married Hannah Payne in 1863.Sidcot School Register, Annual Monitor
George William Wellsdetails of 2 sons given in Sidcot School RegisterSidcot School Register
Samuel Wells3 sons of 1st marriage referred to elsewhere in Milligan; 3 other unnamed children of 1st marriage in Annual MonitorMilligan, Annual Monitor
Thomas Wheeler (1800-1881)Sarah (Earnshaw) Wood lived 1785-1858Annual Monitor
Samuel WhitingJoseph Watson not of Hemel HempsteadMilligan, sv Joseph Watson (1770-1839)
William Whitwellhad 5 sons, not 4Benson: Descendants of Isaac & Rachel Wilson
John WiffenElizabeth (Pattison) Wiffen lived 1761-1841Oxford DNB
John WighamEdward Richardson was never a farmerMilligan, sv Edward Richardson (1806-1963); numerous other sources - see Ben Beck's website
John Wigham Tertiusdaughter Mary was b. 1818, not 1820Milligan, sv John Wigham Edmundson; William J. Marwick, 'Some Quaker Firms of the Nineteenth Century: II', JFHS 50.1:17-36, Spring 1962
Thomas WighamHannah Wigham lived 1761?-1834Annual Monitor
John Benwell Willmotthad 3 sons, not 1Sidcot School Register
Robert Willmottdelete 'qv' after Samuel Ashbyno entry for Samuel Ashby in Milligan
William Wilson (b. 1786)death years conflict, in heading and body
Thomas Ashby Woodnot the youngest sonMilligan, sv Morris Wood
Edward Wright; James Wright (1810-1885)Elizabeth (Bentley) Ingle lived 1790?-1836Annual Monitor
Francis WrightMary Leslie was born Haycock, and d. 1782?Annual Monitor
p. 564, col. 2Edward Grubb b. 1854, not 1864Bootham School Register, Oxford DNB
p. 595, PeriodicalsQuaker Connections began publication in 1994, not 2001
p. 606Richard Cockin d. 1845, not 1841Penney: Pen Pictures of London Yearly Meeting; Annual Monitor