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Forgotten Halifax Worthies2417-21
Ross Quakers278-9
Quaker Schools in Great Britain and Ireland2910-17
Suffolk Quarterly Meeting Quaker Digest Register3015
Ackworth School Centenary 'coin'3123
QFHS Library3130-34
Sarah Fawcett removal certificate from Lancaster Monthly Meeting 17583227
Certificate of Marriage of Henry Bowman and Hannah West, 17503314-15
Readers' Queries – Shackleton3331
Bookshelf: Seekers and Finders: Quakers in High Wycombe 1650-20003333
A look at our sister Journals3419
STURGE family - a Quaker marriage certificate3435
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Anti-Slavery Petition4519-23
A sad tale found in the 1850 Annual Monitor5323
Quaker School Archives6011-14
Irish Quaker Philately Miscellanea!6122
The Marriage Certificate of John Kelsall II7318-19
John Kelsall, Diaries and Journal 1699-17438020
Absalom, JaneJohn Gilbert of Duloe, Cornwall3014-15
Adamson, GeorgeJennett Cragg of Lancashire (1633-1699)510-17
Alston, RobertMy Quaker Ancestry99-12
Andrews, JudyFeedback on Dougill2924
Argent, DaphneJeremiah Vine (c. 1650-1722)2421-26
Arkwright, HelenThe Simpson family of Kendal5021-25
Ashcroft, KathleenMy Quaker Ancestry612-13
Eliza Robson3526-30
The Ellythorpe family of Holme on Spalding Moor392-6
Thomas Binns and his collections4819-24
Attfield, JimDorchester Quakers 1656-173929-10
Barker, DerekThe Dent Family1512-17
Barlow, AntonyHe is our cousin, Cousin’6525-25
An Exacting Mistress737-18
The Genesis of a Book. The Friends Ambulance Unit – ‘An Exacting Mistress’8130-32
Beamish, CharlesThe Beamish Quakers5213-23
Beaumont, DianaQuaker Information Centre in Philadelphia325-26
Beck, BenjaminA Handful of Quaker Families1023-26
Quakers and Portrait Photography1927
The Foster Family327
Quakers in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography3530-33
A Quaker Marriage Certificate (James Pollard & Mary Hall)369
Travelling Light3913
Listening to our ancestors6922-35
Book review: A Quaker Burial Ground at North Shields... London: Pre-Construct Archaeology Limited, Monograph No. 207010-13
Marriage certificate of Anthony Wigham and Mary Nicolson7014-15
Bellingham, RogerWhat to Read about Quakers112-14
The Web155-6
Were the Proctors of Selby Unusual?2122-24
What to read about Quakers - an update2925-28
Bookshelf - Ellis of Leicester3534-35
On writing up Quaker History3620-23
Bookshelf: 1-Sufferings of Early Quakers vol. 10 Central Europe and Asia - Besse- Michael Gandy; 2 - Two Quaker Ladies - A Family Story (Gulielma Maria Fox) by Pamela Richardson4925-26
Bookshelf: Elfrida - Elfrida Vipont Foulds 1902-1992 by Susan V. Hartshorne5131
Bookshelf: Joseph Wood, 1750-1821, a Yorkshire Quaker: an introduction to his Life, Ministry and Writings by Pamela Cooksey5230-31
Book Review: Family Facts and Fancies -some times and places of the Tipping Family by Brian Tipping556-7
An Application for Membership by Sarah Charlesworth in 16656416-18
Bemrose, JudyHannah Wallis & Brighthelmstone School5715-19
Bennett, MargaretThe Birth of QFHS356-10
Bird, YvonneA Quaker Family in India and Zanzibar 1863-65: letters from Elizabeth and Henry Jacob2220-27
Blore, CharlesQuakeri Celati (Hidden Quakers): the family of John Thomas2321-23
A Tortuous Quest2516-17
Bradshaw, JeanThe Bob Engine719-21
Brink, HelenThe Laycocks of Sedbergh & Strickland818-21
Brinkworth, Margaret & Buss, RogerNotes on the Archives of Friends' School Saffron Walden3124-25
Brown, PeterPierson, Small & Neild Families of Cheshire311-13
Bumstead, StephenA Flexney Merchant Family7220-28
Certificate of Clearness for William Penn 16967219-22
An Ancient Friend of Good Memory7815-22
An Ancient Friend of Good Memory - part 27919-23
Burns, Diana77 unidentified Quakers314-5
Burton, Paul F.Kinmuck and Aberdeen: two Quaker schools in Scotland3016-17
Letters - less laudable removal certificate3330
Quaker families and family relationships in Scotland373-17
Butler, LizSamuel Brun, a French Quaker in England2326-28
The Wrong Mary Ann Deane397-9
The Robinsons, Quaker Flour Millers7124-32
Campion, BrendaQuakers in Bugbrooke, Northants.1720
Capon, RichardA Short History of the Quaker Burial Ground at Winwick, Cambridgeshire5311-20
Care, IanHow Captain John Gillie discovered Quakers224-26
Burials at Derby Friends' Meeting House 1810-18521220-21
Memorial Inscriptions at Toadhole Furnace Quaker Burial Ground, Derbyshire1325-26
The Bradys of Jarrow Hall - 1869-19011424-26
Derby Preparative Meeting1825-27
Chapman, Arthur G.Friends' School Lisburn archives448-11
Chilman, PeterMemorial Inscriptions from Friends' Burial Ground, Bishophill, York716-19
Cho, Nancy JiwonWaiting for Gott: Recovering the Life of Dorothy Gott (c. 1748-1812)4811-17
Christou, SueThe Gills of Crawshawbooth and their connections to the Binns Family of the area2715-18
Dialogue and Charade422-5
Clark, JoannaLucas, Bryant and Colby album4127
Facing the Past: The Picture Collection at Friends House4921-24
Cooksey, PamelaA New Resource for Family Historians: The Writings of Joseph Wood5514-15
Corbett, PeterBromyard Tanners and Quakers7229-30
Crawford, EdwardA Data Base of Quaker Families120-22
Deadly Sins - a tale of Quaker avarice, envy, anger, lust & sloth1520-24
Cunningham, Jessie A.Manor of Grittleton Wiltshire, Society of Friends4610-27
Cunnington, JessieThe Symons family of Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire5111-19
Dackombe, BarryQFHS Website152-3
QFHS On-line168-10
“Russian Famine” Talk192
A Quaker Marriage Certificate2515
Davies, Frederick A.Ackworth school Archives3018-19
Davies, PeterA Short Biography of Dr. Hugh Barber, 1877-1969589-10
Davis, JeanHebdens & Flowers: Quakers of Ryedale, Yorks.313-17
Davis, Roger & Pickering, OliverThe Society of Friends Collection at Leeds University Library1414-15
Dean, H. ClarkThe 17th century English origins of John Palmer and John Headl(e)y of Bucks County, Pennsylvania416-19
Dickinson, ChrisA Sample Error265-9
Dodd, DennisJames Green - a 19th century civil engineer and architect304-5
Drake, AllisonHinchcliffe Family Tree & Marriage certificates5923-27
Draper, GillThe development of Quakerism in Kent464-8
Driver, TabithaFriends House Library Aquisitions 2008-95026-28
Friends House Library Acquisitions 20105227-29
Dyson, GeorgeSeparation and marriage among early Quakers at Preston Patrick, Cumbria;695-8
John Grimshaw of Crooklands, Innholder7911-18
Eavenson, MaryJohn Fenwick, Soldier & Merchant1011-13
My Quaker ancestors364-8
Edmondson, MikeJohn Beeby Edmondson and Elizabeth Whitlark3914-21
Ellis, MikeMarriage Certificates Reckett/Pryor and Reckitt/Thompson3726-28
Ellis, RichardGildersome Quaker School7133-35
Evans, CecilThe early history of Jordans meeting299
Evens, HilaryQuaker Murderer – John Tawell & Sarah Appleby5917-22
Farrand, ChristopherBarbara Castle's Quaker Roots7429-35
Book Review7726-27
The Friends Burial Ground at High Wycombe7823-26
A Disownment Reversed – the Case of Frederick Farrand7833-35
To Be or Not Be a Friend803-11
Family and Ministry: John Banks as Minister and Father815-13
Fincham, AndrewEstablishing Quaker Commerce – Occupations7323-35
Foster, DianneQuaker Strays723-24
Fox, Jonathan & Bill, & Dobrowolska, ElizabethHardy Family History Items8119-23
France, StephenTwo removal certificates4026-28
Gandy, MichaelEditorial12-3
Some Westmorland Wills...and some Irish ones219-22
Religious Census of 1851 (Quakers)919-20
The Huguenot & the Quaker1013-14
Elizabeth Seed1225-26
The Quaker Franciscan (Mary Barnes)1214
Quakers in Lancashire Parish Registers135-6
Besse's Sufferings1415-19
The Names of Quakers in Scotland1517-20
Early Emigrants to Pennsylvania1616-19
Hannah Kilham (née Spurr) 1774-18321619-24
Quakers in the Exchequer and Ecclesiastical Courts1716-19
Quakers in non-Quaker Sources186-15
Quakers in the Exchequer and Ecclesiastical Courts, Part III: Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire1912-15
Quaker Portraits at Friends House1918-21
Some Quakers Offer to Replace their Friends in Prison, 16592011-13
Quakers in the Exchequer and Ecclesiastical Courts, Part IV: Cheshire, Warwickshire & Lancashire2013-16
The Quakers of Congénies2023-24
They Chose the Star2126-27
Quakers in the Exchequer and Ecclesiastical Courts, Part VI: Somerset, Herefordshire and Worcestershire228-14
An Index to the Annual Monitor 1813-18922227-28
Quakers in the Exchequer and Ecclesiastical Courts, Part VII: Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight2310-17
Eighty-five Friends in Ireland2325-26
Quakers in the Exchequer and Ecclesiastical Courts, Part VIII: Yorkshire247-13
Biographical Sketches of Early Friends2421-23
Quakers in the Exchequer and Ecclesiastical Courts, Part 9: Notts., Lincs., Rutland & Wales2518-20
Quakers in the Exchequer and Ecclesiastical Courts, Part 10: London & Middlesex2622-25
Quakers in the Exchequer and Ecclesiastical Courts, Part 11: Cumberland, Westmorland and Durham2719-21
Fraying around the edges3321-27
Gay, IreneWhat's in a Name?38
Gerwat, PatriciaBook Review “A Quaker Conscientious Objector” ed. Rebecca Wynter and Pink Dandelion,8031-33
Book Review “Passions and Partings – the dying sayings of early Quakers” by Jane Mace8133-34
Gibney, TonyOur Founder – Samuel Fox8029-31
Gilbraith, JanetA Quaker apprenticeship indenture2621
Elgars and Robinsons portrayed in stories by Maude Robinson4412-16
Gladwin, ChristineSidcot School Archives3126-28
Gleadall, MaryBarbados: Preservation of the Quaker Burial Ground3217
Goodbody, MichaelAncestral Quaker Lineage214-15
The Goodbodys: A Quaker family and the Industrialisation of Ireland403-14
The Goodbodys: Millers, Merchants and Manufacturers. The story of an Irish Quaker Family, 1630 -19505523-24
The Clara Meeting7620-25
Some Quaker gossip793-4
Transcription of Elizabeth Pike’s letter794-9
Goldsbury, ElwynCroydon School: some names and faces437-9
Grace, BobFrom Swarthmore to Keynsham69-11
Graham, SarahThomas Shillitoe (1754-1836)3612-19
The Medecine Chest (of Thomas Harvey )5325-27
Gray, John H.Towards a Bibliography for Students of Scottish Family History - the 17th & 18th Centuries1119-24
Towards a Bibliography for Students of Scottish Family History, Part 21310-13
Towards a Bibliography for Students of Scottish Family History: 1800-c.1914, Part 31313-16
A Genealogy of the Hunts of Bristol/Sidcot, and of Associated Families1710
Notts. & Derby Local Quaker History 1682-19961915-17
An Early Quaker in the Glasgow Area2413-16
Quakers in Scotland - the Wilsons of Hawick3135
Quaker historiography: understanding Quakers in their historical context3432-34
Papers of the Gray and Cruickshank families, Quakers, of Kirkintilloch and Kinmuck, Aberdeenshire3830
Writing up - and publishing - the results of family history studies4720-22
The Wrights of the Isle of Ely, the Hunts of Gloucestershire and Bristol, and their links to many other Quaker families4818-19
Gray Dunn & Co., Biscuit Manufacturers, Glasgow 1853-2001 - A Family History548-9
Five Nineteenth Century Cruikshanks of Kinmuck Meeting, Aberdeenshire5412-16
Marriage Certificate of Anthony Wigham and Mary Nicholson6920-21
Griffith, PatriciaChaste, Silent and Obedient?4310-16
Groeger, KieranCelebrating the Irish Quakers in Youghal6118-19
Hamilton, DavidThe Banker and the Marine:2 Brothers from an 18th Century Quaker Family6422-30
Hamley, ErnestLoveday Hambly (the Quaker saint of Cornwall) and Other Persecuted Members of the West Country Families (c. 1550-1700)1610-14
Hargreave, MichaelFriends Ambulance Unit: My grandfather's war, 1914-194229-30
The Ackworth Old Scholars Association7633-37
Harland, RichardLiving Stones of Skipton's Quaker History in 10 minutes for QFHS4714-15
Harlow, JonathanThe Astonishing Success of Early Quakerism in Bristol7712-19
Harris, Penelope WalpoleYearly Meetings at Mount Usher, County Wicklow, Ireland1929 – 19375520-22
William Edmundson 1627-1712618-17
The William Edmundson Homecoming – a shared Quaker heritage678-13
Hartley, MargaretBrown of Lothersdale, Yorkshire417-22
Harvey, JoanA Banking Family in Two Parts: the Peases of Darlington and Newcastle7510-31
Highton, BrylinIn search of Richards' and Smiths3718-24
The Richards-Naftel Connection459-12
Hilton, Dr. ChristopherSources at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine2024-27
Quaker Family History resources at the Wellcome Library (Part 1)558-12
Resources at the Wellcome Library (part 2)566-12
Hinds, HilaryQuaker History, Family History; Margaret Fox and the Valient Sixty7418-28
Hitchin, DavidQuakers in Lewes, East Sussex216-19
William Marten goes to the Theatre520-21
Quaker Bankers in Lewes, Sussex715-16
Hoare, RichardThe Quaker Hoare Family in Cork2114-18
Hartshead Meeting's Lost Love Child - Sheffield Quakers and their Adult Schools729-12
Holland, PeterQuaker Service Memorial5410-11
Holt, RalphThe Beginning of Quakerism in Mansfield6618-20
Jackson, BillRinging True - The Bells of Trummery: A Quaker family through 350 years328-16
Ringing True - The Bells of Trummery: A Quaker family through 350 years335-13
Jackson, KenTwo Sussex Brothers2511-15
Wedding, Snashall and Shaw4222
Jefferson, RosemaryAn Elusive Baptism1014
Johnson, ElspethThe Eldon Family1816-17
Kennedy, LindaSome Books of Interest523-24
My Unconventional Quaker - The Life of William Spiers Kennedy Jnr5814-16
Frances Kennedy (1878-1945)8117-18
King, GrahamJohn Halford 1600/1 - 1680/17411-17
Knight, Howard M.Plus ça change, and all that254-7
QFHS Digest Indexing Project2523-24
Digest Project262
Digest indexing Project312
Snippets from the Durham Registers482
Knight, Shirley'Friends in Bedfordshire & West Hertfordshire'611-12
Knight, SueIt Started with Samuel783-6
Lattimer, PeterThe Railway Worsdells and Their Descendants6717-25
Lawson, MargaretHistory of Sheffield Meeting727-9
Lee, DorisThe History of Westminster Meeting452-8
Lewis, TeresaQuaker Burials Chilvercombe7136-37
Linfield, MalcolmThe Quaker Linfields of Sussex48-12
Loader, HughBookshelf: Chocolate Wars: From Cadbury to Kraft: 200 years of Sweet Success and Bitter Rivalry by Deborah Cadbury5328
Longhurst, LizJohn Banks (1637-1710)210-14
Index to Berkshire Section of Besse's 'Sufferings'2016-23
Gulielma Maria Drewett (née Pattison - 1810-97509-20
Quaker Lineage of Drewetts6212-20
Quaker Lineage of Drewetts (Part 2)639-16
Lunn, PamA brief history of Woodbrooke3223-25
Madeline, Jenny & Allen, GraemeFrom Northern Ireland to Australia3922-30
Makepeace, EiraMaking the most of researchers4223-28
Maltby Grove, LucyThe Maltby's of Orston, Nottinghamshire713-15
Martini-Brown, LeoMemo: The Oldest Quaker?7231
Naming Quakers7924
Christian names of Quakers – Were they ever distinctive?8124-26
McIver, TimothyYorkshire Quaker Connections753-9
McLee, CarolMemorial Inscriptions in Cotherstone Burial Ground (1822-1978)620-21
McQuillan, LisaWorld War 1 relief and after - Hilda Clark646-15
The Library of the Society of Friends7827-28
Recent additions to Friends House Library7932
Update from the Library of the Society of Friends8129-30
Mealand, DavidThe Quaker HUNTs of Bristol and Reunion May 2004314
Milligan, EdwardThat Elusive Marriage148-11
Quaker biographical dictionaries: past and future4213-22
Milligan, JenniferFriends House Library acquisitions 20146431-34
Mitchell, SheilaHannah Lightfoot, the Fair Quaker2319-21
Montgomery, SarahHorniman's Tea - a Right Royal Drink3810-17
Moore, CorneliaEdmond Cross of Woodbridge3910-11
Moore, RichardA Day at Frenchay33
Bury St Edmunds one day conference63
The Dell where Quakers Rest1213
Moriarty, ChristopherSources for family history at the Dublin Friends Historical Library4128-31
Morris, BridgetThe Archives at Bootham School, York3020-22
Morris, DerekQuaker Farmers in 18th Century Stepney2426-28
Morris, SusanRough Diamonds: the story of Susanna Edmunds, an 18th century workhouse matron2118-22
Morrison, JeanQuakers in Bratton, Wiltshire912-13
Mortimer, JeanFrom Robert Arthington to Zachary Yewdall222-24
Mortimer, JeanMeetings for Church Affairs within Britain Yearly Meeting119-17
Meetings for church Affairs within Britain Yearly Meeting127-13
Mortimer, RussellWhat did they Look Like?1017-23
Murphy, Tony & CarolThe Lancasters - My Quaker Ancestors426-12
Neill, NormaHannah's Gravestone115-16
Newell, ClaudiaMy English mystery2921-22
Newell Price, TimLeighton Park School Archives3023-24
Nokes, David C. B.The publication of 'Quaker Records of NOKES and SIDDONS in the English Midlands - with an American Connection' on the QFHS website469
Oliver, LizQuaker Family History Research4417-19
Oliver, RichardHistory of Quakers in Exeter7115-17
Ostle, PeterA Quaker Publisher from Cumberland3428-31
Page, JohnPage and Wilkinson Families1721-22
Page, MargaretThe Brady Bible319-23
Quaker Strays1223-25
Quaker Land Surveyors1723-26
One Day Conference in Leeds214-8
Dougill Quaker Connections2216-20
Helping Old Jordan's Celebrate 90 years2727-28
Did your Quaker ancestors let their hair down?2919-20
On-Line Digital Quaker Records at Earlham3226
Documents online3228
Serendipity in family history - a game of chance?4020-24
Book Review 'He is our cousin, Cousin’ by Antony Barlow6534-36
Book Reviews – The Generations Between by Ben Simpson and William Rowntree of Scarborough by Peter Robson6630-31
The Marriage Certificate of John Kelsall and Susannah Davies of Dolobran706-9
Margaret Bennett, 1916-20197830-32
Mansfield one day meeting7925-31
Mansfield one day meeting – Part 28021-28
Rachel Hamilton-Russell, Lady Labouchere8114-16
Pawley, PhilipQuaker Schools - and Famous People5710
John Hill- First Treasurer/Superintendant of Ackworth School, 1779-17906015-18
The Front Cover Story: Laurence Binyon’s WW1 poem and commemorative 2014 stamp6230-32
My Quaker Ancestors from Street - Lovells & Hills6317-30
New Zealand Quakers [Strongs, Cotterell, Tuckett, Stephens, Baigent]6420-21
My Quaker Ancestors from Street – Part 26528-30
Payan, LorraineSuccess Story1413-14
Pearce, CliffordThe Maidstone Friends' Meeting2710-14
Pearsall, MarkThe Society of Friends Registers (RG 6) Online443-7
Pearson, AllenFrancis Dell (1843-1928)722
Pearson, JohnPearson & Neild Families of 17th Century Cheshire Revisited2317-19
Pease, Joseph GurneyPease Family Quaker Ancestry3822-29
Perkins, JohnThe Howson & Walker Families915-19
Petrie, Christopher Harrisson Henry Harrisson at Ackworth School779-11
Phillips, RuthAbandoned at Redruth1124-26
Quakers in Cornwall1921-25
Pickering, JanetTravelling in the Ministry: Joseph Wood’s 1813 visit to Bath and Bristol Friends787-14
Pickering, Janet & OliverJohn Edward Ellis (1841-1910) and his Daughters8012-19
Pickering, OliverThe Problem of Edward Grimshaw; tracking a Seventeenth-Century Yorkshire Quaker Family496-17
Quaker Identities in William Fryer Harvey’s We were Seven6019-23
Book Review ‘ Voices from a Trunk’ by Sara Woodall6531-33
Joseph Wood and Ackworth School773-8
Pitt Lewis, ChrisThe American Connection1710-16
Beyond the Digests316-12
A beginner's guide to Quaker family History3912-13
Who was Elizabeth Thompson?4123-26
Digests and the Registers5613-17
Unsurrendered Registers (Part I)688-16
Unsurrendered Registers (Part II)699-20
Preece, PeterEarly Quakers in My Family5811-13
Prior, ElizabethMemorial Inscriptions at Finedon, Northants1126-27
Rayner, EvelynHarris Family of Cumberland2323-25
Rigby, BrendaTreasures Among Our Archives1424
Richardson, PamelaThe Fox family of Plymouth4826-29
Roberts, HelenThe Yorkshire Quaker Heritage Project199-12
Roberts, Helen E.Made in Yorkshire: using business archives as sources for Quaker family History. Part 13316-20
Made in Yorkshire: using business archives as sources for Quaker family history, Part 23420-27
Robson, PeterAn Essex Grocery Business616-19
Thomas Parkinson (1733-1806) 'Much married Thomas of Hull'1823-25
Parenthood 18322620
Bootham School 'Second Division' Scholars 18643114-15
A grave story from the old Friends' Burial Ground at St Sepulchre Street, Scarborough3328-29-
Wedding group at Burton Chateau, near Gainsborough3817-21
Marriage of William Rowntree of Riseborough, Pickering, and Rachel Richardson of Ayton, 23 July 17944323-26
Sacked for Wearing Trousers. A letter from Charles Lamb (1775-1834) to Robert Lloyd (1778-1811)5225-26
Rodger, Faith & Lawson, MargaretThe stories told on the Sheffield Quaker Tapestry7212-19
Rodmell, BrianHistory of Woolwich Meeting109-10
Rose, DebbyThe Normans: Quakers of Charminster, Dorset123
Rose, MichaelThe Quaker Roses of Bradninch, Devon137-9
Rowland, HeatherNew registration system for users of Friends House Library4019
Ryan, JoWho was Grandpa Smith?3218-22
Ryder, JoanHulls History613-16
Ryder, JohnHulls and Biddle1722-23
Scott, JuneWatson Family History1117-18
Robson, Binns, Waterhouse & Pease1316-18
Friends Ambulance Unit - World War 1. Memories5120-21
Seebohm, RichardFive Generations of Quaker Seebohms1215-19
Shackleton, BarbaraTracing Shackleton ancestors4015-18
Shaw, CarolynCrowleys & Curtises1319-24
Craftons and Caldwells3416-18
Shaw, EdwardElizabeth fry – a talk3519-24
Shaw, MichaelThe Williamsons of the North1118-19
Shaw, PatrickShaw(e) of Sussex (1666-1753)518-20
Sheard, GillianA Quaker Physician - Dr. John Sims586-8
My Anti-Slavery Ancestor - William Dillwyn5820-23
Sholl, John Leslie & Hobden, Shirley LancasterJohn Sholl of Spitalfields7534-39
Sidebottom, CarolynBarnsley Friends Adult School6714-15
Simpson, JosephSimpsons of Castlebank136-7
Anne Simpson, formerly Osburne, née Wilson (c. 1630-1718), Ministering Friend1420-23
Sinker, EdwardA Quaker sampler3730-32
Skidmore, GilEdward Hyslop Milligan 1922-20208127-28
Slay, KatherineSome Victorian Burials at Hogstyend, Bedfordshire1925-27
Sloggett, AlexQuakers in Rottingdean, East Sussex413-17
Burials at Black Rock, Brighton, Sussex821-25
Burials at Black Rock, Brighton, Sussex922-27
Smallbone, KenJames Potter5122-28
Smith, AnthonyArchives at Risk and How to Save and Use Them476-9
Smith, MartinPollard Family History1222-23
Smith, PeterPetition of the 7000 Handmaids & Daughters of the Lord6623-29
Smith, SarahOther Foxes215-16
The Fox Family1014-17
Fox Family Stories258-10
Smith, ThelmaThe Ro[o]thams of Riseley67-9
Smithson, John & LizMarriages at Jordans - and burials there5210-12
Smithson, SueQuaker Families Researched118-19
Five Generations of Morleys: Part 13511-17
Note on Quaker Records3518
Update on Jordans Meeting House4120-22
Five Generations of Morleys, Part 23624-31
Thomas Loe, c. 1634-16684824-26
Simpson Family of Castlebank494-5
Names of Quaker Meetings7024-25
William Penn, 1644-1718, and his Buckinghamshire connections7532-33
Snell, BeatriceHistory of Reading Meeting96-7
Southey, RozWoodville's Way423-26
Spencer, DorothySavages of Clifton2923
Stead, HumphreyThe Quaker Steads of the North Riding part 12611
The Quaker Steads of the North Riding - part 2273-7
Steevens, John & Farrand, ChristopherThe Steevens Family of High Wycombe766-19
Stephenson, MikeThe Quaker Meeting House, St Ives5129-30
Quaker births and burials in St Benedict's Huntingdon5130
Stocker, Ann ElizabethMy Quaker Ancestry (?)3931-33
Story, David MichaelFrancis Fincher, the Quaker from Worcester344-15
Stubbs, DavidThomas Stubbs (died 1673), Quaker4513-18
Sturge, Joseph EdwardMy 84 Year Quaker Life6221-23
Sturge, PeterBear Facts324-25
Quaker Enterprise3610-11
Swann, BrianConnections and Apparent Mutual Help between Early Quaker Families in N.E. Norfolk814-18
Taylor, KayQuakerism in 17th Century Wiltshire1511-12
Thompson, ChrisJonathan Richardson382-9
Thomson, DavidFreedom Across the Seas1817-20
Toleikis, Lorraine BowerCharade solution435-7
Tollerton, ChristineBristol Area Meeting Library7027
Tranant, MaryIsabella Hacker1419
Trevethick, Archives of the Mount School, York3116-23
van Melzen, ChristinaQuakers in Suffolk & their Meeting Houses78-13
Quakers in Suffolk & their Meeting Houses810-14
Ventress, MonicaOne who was convinced [Philip Scarth]4716-20
Venville, ChrisErnest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge2124-26
Waldman, MaggieA Biography of Henry Stanley Newman7118-23
Walker, MoiraQuaker Burials at Stanton St Quinton, Wiltshire (1681-1785)517-18
Webster, AvrilMore on Ryedale Quakers426-27
Whiting, RichardThe Visitors Book921-22
Williams, JohnClampitt Burial Ground5223-24
Witheridge, JohnQuakers and Possible Quakers of the 1640s to 1660s1614-16
Wood, Judith M.Henry Frankland (1583 - ?), an early ancestor306-13
Woodhouse, KarenWembley Meeting115-7
Woodal, SaraVoices from a Trunk6817-24
Woolley, MichaelEarly Members of Chichester PM159
Wyatt, RosalindThe Stitch Lives of Others, or How I Met the Tukes485-10
Wynne, JohnThe Broadhead Ancestry913-15
Some Quakers in Parish Registers159-11
Yeoman, KarenCorrespondence - Amelia Opie3525