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Historically the Society has organised two one-day meetings in various parts of the country, together with an Annual General Meetingduring June or July. We are very sorry that this has not been possible since the Covid-19 restrictions were introduced in the spring 2020. BUT there is always a silver lining and our Zoom meetings give many more members from all over the world a chance to attend and take part!

Zoom Meetings here when known – first Zoom meeting of 2022

7.00pm GMT on Wednesday 26th January, contact Ben at secretary@qfhs.co.uk to book a place.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

Here’s hoping for a better year ahead than the one behind us. As the old year dies, we are turning our attention, in the first Zoom meeting of 2022, to the subject of wills. Not all of our ancestors made wills, but a surprising number did. And even if they didn’t make wills themselves, they may be mentioned in the wills of others, as executors, relatives, business partners, neighbours, servants, recipients of bequests of one kind or another. Wills can tell us a lot about the way people lived, their relationships, their status, and their values.

At our next Zoom meeting a panel made up of the people behind the QFHS wills database will be available to answer questions about our Quaker ancestors’ wills. They can give some insight into what to look for, explain some of the terminology used, perhaps give some useful hints on transcribing old wills, as well as where to find them.

The meeting will be at 7.00pm GMT on Wednesday 26th January, and is open to members and non-members alike. Please contact Ben at secretary@qfhs.co.uk to book a place, and the Zoom link will be sent to you shortly before the meeting. It would be helpful if you could also send in your queries to Ben beforehand, so the panelists can come prepared, but they will do their best to answer questions that come up on the night. Take care, stay safe, and we will hopefully see some of you in January.

Pat (QFHS chair) Margaret (QFHS Vice-Chair)

***Book Sale***

The QFHS Committee has decided not to continue holding books for sale at our Meetings, especially as these have been over Zoom recently. We are therefore listing the books we have currently and invite you to either send a cheque for the appropriate amount (Paypal not available  for payment at present) or you can offer a realistic reduced amount for us to consider by December 31st 2021. For many there is just 1 copy available on a first come first served basis. Many have been held for a few years and my well be out of print now!

Attached is the list of books and price list including UK postage. If you are outside the UK there will be an extra postage cost to add on.

Bookstall current stock

If you are interested in any please contact info@QFHS.co.uk

Other information

2022 Zoom June Annual General Meeting

– Saturday 4th June 2022

Further Zoom details when available


QFHS Margaret Bennett Small Research Award, 2022

Due to Covid19 preventing access for research there was no 2021 award. Candidates for the 2022 award need to submit their applications by December 31st 2021.

QFHS aims to support research of interest and value to Quaker family historians, and wishes to assist projects that can fulfil this aim. Applications are invited for the 2021 award, a grant of up to £750 to support such research projects.

View full award application details, obligations and restrictions here.