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Britain Yearly Meeting events

For Members who are Quakers attending online events at Britain’s Yearly Meeting please note QFHS will be present

Saturday July 24th BYM Group Fair

You do need to go into the BYM Schedule and book a ticket https://www.quaker.org.uk/ym/bookings. QFHS have a 1.5 hour slot which you can then drop in and chat with us. It will be great to talk to some of our members!

Tuesday July 27th BYM Event QFHS Wills Project

Another event for Quakers attending BYM 2021 events. Again you need to book tickets through the BYM scheduling through https://www.quaker.org.uk/ym/bookings

Other information

Historically the Society has organised two one-day meetings in various parts of the country, together with an Annual General Meetingduring June or July. We are very sorry that this has not been possible since the Covid-19 restrictions were introduced in the spring 2020. BUT there is always a silver lining and our Zoom meetings give many more members from all over the world a chance to attend and take part!

Zoom Meeting –

We hope to set up some more zoom meetings for the autumn. Please let us know topics you would like covered. Maybe something on what you can find out from Quaker Marriage certificates or helpful information on other certificates like non member on birth and grave notes. Please send your ideas to info@qfhs.co.uk If you don’t ask you might not get!!!

2022 Zoom Annual General Meeting

– Saturday 4th June 2022

Further details when available


QFHS Margaret Bennett Small Research Award, 2022

Due to Covid19 preventing access for research there was no 2021 award. Candidates for the 2022 award need to submit their applications by December 2021.

QFHS aims to support research of interest and value to Quaker family historians, and wishes to assist projects that can fulfil this aim. Applications are invited for the 2021 award, a grant of up to £750 to support such research projects.

View full award application details, obligations and restrictions here.